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The Course was created in the 70’s as way to transform your life and connection to God/Source. However, it can’t transform you if you are not in the room.  

Ditch that disconnected feeling you’ve been hanging out with. Discover how easy it really is to connect spiritually to the dynamic being you want to see when you look in the mirror.


Why Coloring ACIM? 

The Story Begins...

It was a Tuesday in May, 2015.  We were back home after attending a fabulous weekend at Hay House's You Can Do it-  in Denver. We were buzzing with ideas, and other feel-good mojo. 

I was serving up lunch when a powerful idea crashed into my tomato soup. 

Coloring A Course In Miracles - it said. 

Now I was thrilled & delighted and perplexed. I was searching for a fun coloring book to create - fully engaged in the colorful relaxing art of it, but had one problem. 

I could not draw. I am a writer, not an illustrator. (cue the sad music and violins)

But this idea would not leave me, and it actually led me on a quest to connect my love of words and coloring. 

I experimented with a variety of tools & software until suddenly it  clicked. 

The way I could make my dream come true. 

I could choose powerful words (mantras) and twist them into arty circles (mandalas). 

Thus the Mantra Mandala was born. 

Three years later and that Tomato soup dream has become a feast of spiritual delight with this mastermind.

So if you are ready to dive into the easiest, bestest, most colorful, and dynamic way to love The Course in Miracles then click the buy button.

We will be waiting for you on the other side.



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