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Empower Your 2018

Design & Color Your Dreams

By Personalizing Your 2018 Power Mantra & Creating a Dynamic Vision Board.

This time of year everyone is choosing a word that will inspire them for a whole year. 

Sounds Overwhelming, right?

We can help!

We created this mini course to make it easy and fun for you to design your power mantra and vision board for 2018.  

In two short modules we will guide through the shark infested waters of overwhelm. 

First, you will look at different areas of your life and find words that express the experiences you want. Then we help you narrow down those words to one Power Mantra. 

Once you have firmed on your Power Mantra we will create a custom Mantra Mandala for you. 

Second we give you fun and exciting ways to design and innovate your vision board. 

In the end you will have enticing images to go with your 2018 Power Mantra.

Hocus Pocus Focus

2018 is your year, start it off in a new colorful way!

In This Mini-Course

Design Your Power Mantra

Create Your Vision Board

Color Your Way to Your Dreams

Empowering Bonuses to Stay On Track

Bonus Bonanza

MM Coloring Sheets

5 PDFs

$25 value
Download, print, and color these sheets to help you focus & power up anytime. Also join our private Facebook Community and share your Power Mantra creations.

30 Day Progress Coloring Sheet

Focus on Your Goals

$5 value
Download and color your way through your goals. It's like a Gold Star for Adults.

The 'Yes' Mantra Mandala Journal Page

Tell the Universe 'Yes'

$5 value
Journal the things you want to see and experience with this downloadable two page journal.

And it's a magical $20.18!

A Bargain Indeed!